Founded in 1979 as a full service computer retail dealership and system integration group, ExecUtron Computers, Inc. (now called ExecUtron Development Corporation) was a major player in the newly developed personal computer market. With millions of dollars of Computer and related product sales, ExecUtron was in the top 17% of economic providers for Sonoma county. Founder Dan Mosier, one of the original third-party developers for desktop computers and workstations, brought both ExecUtron Computers and Mosier Engineering together in 1985 to produce advanced business automation products for the desktop computer arena. From this joint venture came the company's flag-ship application, PIMS.

In the early 90's ExecUtron Development Corp. coined the phrase "Business Processor", to create a software category for their products to be placed into. Up to that time, this type of software simply did not exist. Also around this time, P.I.M.S. was introduced for the Microsoft Windows platform. Previously, it was only available on DEC and Macintosh platforms.

ExecUtron's unique position of being both a successful retailer and advanced software development group has spawned some of the most complete business automation tools available today.

ExecUtron was also the first software manufacturer to provide truly dynamic eCommerce solutions for the newly formed “WEB”.  See the original Press Release here.

Click here to view a long lost video from 1992, that was used as a video "Brochure" for the original PIMS.  Keep in mind that this was way before true video editing, and was done on a Video Toaster at our headquarters in Santa Rosa CA.  It’s about a fifth generation VHS copy, so the quality’s not very good…

This video from February 1991 is an excerpt from a Sales Training video Apple made for their AESC channel, featuring ExecUtron CEO Mr. Mosier...


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